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  • #Mentaldisorder April 2, 2021
    discussion on #Mentaldisorder with @Tashinga Masawi
  • #Epilespy April 2, 2021
    discussion on #Epilespy with @Tashinga Masawi 
  • #ReggaeTalk 14-03-2021 March 16, 2021
    Catch up with #RCG @TerrenceMapurisana as he speaks to the founding father of black uhuru, Don Carlos live from Jamaica
  • #TheGrill 16-03-2021 March 16, 2021
    Post Covid lockdown  economic dilemmas and choices we need to make with @Valentine  Mabhugu hosting  Pascal Mandeya
  • Reggae Talk with the RCG | Remembering Bunny Wailer March 15, 2021
    Dreamland Farm, on the border of St Thomas and Portland, will be final resting place for reggae legend Bunny Wailer. For this and more listen in for a reggae jam packed session with live interviews with artists and producers who worked with the Reggae Icon - hosted by Terrence Mapurisana.
  • Young people and cover-19 March 10, 2021
    Young people's experiences during covid19 era
  • Reggae Talk | A Tribute To Reggae Legend, Bunny Wailer March 8, 2021
    Reggae Talk's presenter, Terrence Mapurisana focuses on the life and music of the Reggae Luminary, Bunny Wailer, who was the last surviving member of the Legendary Group, The Wailers. Tune in for this special 2 hour edition of Reggae Rhythms. 
  • The Grill | Delimitation In Zimbabwe's Elections February 19, 2021
    Should Delimitation be a part of the voting process in the next election? “Delimitationâ€� is the demarcation of the country into electoral boundaries, be sure to tune into our podcast today the 19th of February, 2021 to hear more about this process that last happened in 2008, here in Zimbabwe, on today's episode of the […]
  • The Zone | ZMC Chairperson Professor Rumbi Magosvongwe February 18, 2021
    The Media has a crucial role to play in this COVID-19 Pandemic. Monica Chanda interrogates the Media Commision's stance in the grand scheme of matters surrounding this pandemic among many other issues.
  • The Daily Dose | The Capitol Hill Protests January 25, 2021
    Tune In as Monica Chanda interviews Rodney Rwende, a Public Policy Specialist and Zimbabwe Institute Of Diplomacy Official, Vhuvha Chikanda on the insurrection and protests that took place in America, the so called 'Beacon of Democracy'.
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