UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo gets fully furnished house from “The Rock”

Story by Ian Zvoma

ZIMBABWEAN Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) fighter, Themba Gorimbo has received a life-changing gift from Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) after getting a fully furnished house in Miami, USA.

Gorimbo is on cloud nine after his story of perseverance ended in the best possible way.

The Rock topped it up with a surprise visit to the MMA Masters gym in Florida to meet Gorimbo, leaving him in tears.

The Hollywood star was impressed by Gorimbo’s story after the Zimbabwean fighter opened up on the struggles he faced on the road to stardom.

Gorimbo also revealed that he only had US$7 in his bank account before he won his first UFC fight in Vegas last May.

After promising to assist the Zimbabwean fighter, the Rock has lived up to his word.

Born in Bikita in 1991, Gorimbo had a tough childhood when he lost his parents before he turned 14.

His life changed at the age of 19 when he was inspired to try a hand in mixed martial arts after watching a movie titled: “Never Back Down.”

He went on to train in karate, taekwondo, and kickboxing before shifting to mixed martial arts where he was nicknamed “The Answer,” because of his ability to solve any problem in the cage.

Gorimbo competes in the welterweight division of the UFC after moving to the United States from South Africa where he made his name in mixed martial arts.

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