Zim’s investment drive taken to the US

Story by Davison Vandira

ZIMBABWE’S Africa Roundtable has taken the country’s investment drive to the United States of America to strengthen integration for enhanced trade and business.

Zimbabwe’s private sector under the banner of the CEO Africa Roundtable has re-affirmed its commitment to enhance international economic synergies that are key drivers of trade among nations.

In pursuit of this agenda, the organisation is fostering partnerships with some companies from the United States of America as part of the government’s engagement and re-engagement agenda.

According to CEO Africa Roundtable Executive Director, Mr Kipson Gundani the need to promote trade and bring tailor-made economic solutions to Zimbabwe is the driving force behind the adventure to the US.

“This initiative is being motivated by the urgent need for a collaborative approach of industries across continents. For Zimbabwe it is critical because we are currently pushing for fast industrialisation of our economy to match our economic aspirations as spelt out by the all-encompassing Vision 2030,” he said.

Various sectors have benefited from the Second Republic’s stance of being a friend to all and an enemy to none policy as Zimbabwe mends its relations with the international community.

The CEO Africa Roundtable believes economic growth should be sustained by creating strong external partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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