US$640 million generated through tobacco sales

Story by Davison Vandira

THE 2023 tobacco marketing season continues to break records mid-way through after having already surpassed the 200 million kilogrammes mark, representing a 51 percent increase from last season during the same period.

The ongoing tobacco-selling season is laden with style and flair, with statistics pointing to a highly fruitful season.

The value of tobacco that has successfully gone under the hammer is totalling US$640 million, showing a 51 percent growth from last season’s US$423 million during the same period.

A combined 213 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf has been processed compared to 141 million kilogrammes realised in 2022 during the same period.

2.7 million kilogrammes of bales were laid this season against 1.8 million kilogrammes for 2022, with an above-average price of US$3, propelled by a good quality crop being brought to the market.

The highest price for the 2023 and 2022 seasons is similar as it has remained above the US$6 threshold, while the number of rejected bales is in the negative territory, thus indicating improved efficiency in the packaging of the golden leaf this season.

The current marketing season has been characterised by tranquillity, with farmers satisfied with the obtaining situation at the market as compared to previous seasons where side-marketing and other nefarious activities were rife.

The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board has also been on top of the situation, making various interventions to curb chaos which had become a common occurrence on the floors.

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