Retooling high on the agenda in the clothing sector

Story by Sifiso Sibanda, Assistant News Editor

BULAWAYO’s clothing sector has set its sights on retooling riding on the Second Republic’s business-friendly policies.

The clothing and garment production sector in Bulawayo is thriving, with small-scale entrepreneurs boosting production.

While in the past garment-making was a preserve of big companies, small-scale producers have also invaded the space and are claiming a reasonable market share.

Players in the sector who spoke to this news crew attest to thriving business entities after procuring modern equipment.

“What we need is government support to formalise our operations the acquisition of documents must be a simple process so that we can then get contracts to supply the government and big companies with our products.

“We need money to grow as a sector so that we buy machinery and remain comparative and expand operations.

“We are creative in this sector and we also train other youths to be skilled in the industry and at the end, they open their own businesses,” said players in the field.

One of the largest clothing producers in the country, Bulawayo-based Paramount Garments notes the need to promote the cotton-to-fabric value chain for sustainable growth.

“We need to produce cotton fabric locally we as a country have high-grade cotton but have not promoted the value chain such that fabric is found locally and once that is done we will be leaders
in the sector,” General Manager Production Paramount Garments,
Mr Sumit Sharma.

Zimbabwe is exporting clothing to the region, with players in the sector targeting the COMESA market to expand its market share and earnings.

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