ZERA moves to enhance safety on the usage of generators

Story by Davison Vandira, Business Reporter

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has moved in to enforce the proper usage of generators that exceed 100 Kilowatts of installed capacity to enhance public safety.

The development is in pursuant of the Energy Regulatory Act, the Electricity Act as well as the Environment Management Act as spelt out by the statutory instrument 103 of 2008.

The Authority has issued a statement to the effect that all holders of standby generators exceeding 100KW should promptly apply for operating licences to satisfy the legal requirements to the usage of generators for both domestic and commercial purposes.

According to investigations by ZERA many generators are not in total conformity with the regulatory requirements with non-Compliance with the acts attracting a fine amounting to ZW$100 000.

The need to ensure public safety in the operation of these generators as well as to prevent accidents in the operation of these electrical gadgets has seen ZERA moving in to effectively regulate the existence and usage of generators.

The use of generators in the country has become necessity for business as they complement the downtime of Electricity for continued productivity hence they play a critical role in the economy’s industrial production mix.

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