Youth entrepreneurs eye external markets

By Stanley James, Business Editor

ZIMBABWE’s trade promotion body, ZIMTRADE is pushing for young entrepreneurs to increase productivity for their products to be included in its international promotional portfolio.

A young entrepreneurship exhibition held in Harare this Friday provided a platform for youths to showcase their products and get information on how they can increase production and identify markets for their products.

For young entrepreneurs, capacity building and information sharing are key for their growth and contribution to national development.

“We are definitely eager to do better provided there is more capacity building which is tailor-made on growth,” said Shylet Sithole a young entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, ZIMTRADE says it is ready to support all local entrepreneurs to be key players in the export market.

“They have all the ability to grow what is needed is that element to provide ideas about the viable markets,” said Allan Majuru ZIMTRADE’s chief executive officer.

Organisers of the exhibition believe the future is bright if youths partake in innovation and industrial production.

“The exhibitions basically show that there is an opportunity for the youths to grow and contribute to national development. This exhibition is therefore a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost their market base,” said Dr Jessica Hamadziripi the director of Genesis Entrepreneurship Trust.

The second Republic views young entrepreneurs as an important constituency in the country’s industrialisation drive.

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