Zimbabwe’s re-engagement drive charms Poland

By Stanley James, Business Editor

The Republic of Poland has reaffirmed its commitment to increase cooperation with Zimbabwe mainly in socio-economic projects.                

An update to the media on bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and Poland shows that despite limited trade opportunities, the European Union nation has also taken a big step in cooperating with Zimbabwe in the education and health sectors.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, Dr Kyrstyna Grabowska spoke to ZBC News in Harare Thursday on how the European Union nation is also backing Zimbabwe’s re-engagement and engagement drive.       

“The relationships though emerging from a low level are however showing signs of better times in the future. It will definitely set that tone for more ties with the global community while also providing opportunities for growth,” she said.

Zimbabwe’s taken a stance of being a friend for all and an enemy of none, with the engagement and re-engagement drive being at the centre of the country’s drive to attract investments in line with the open-for-business mantra.

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