Emmanuel Bako wins the national motocross finale

By Lawrence Trusida, Sports Editor

TEENAGE motocross sensation, Emmanuel Bako of Better Brands Petroleum Racing returned to Donnybrook Park in style as he finally managed to outwit his biggest rival, Ashley Thixton at the National Motocross Finale in Harare this Sunday.

For a long time, Bako looked up to Thixton. He was the hero he grew up wanting just to be like him, but the time came when he wanted to be better than him.

The France-based Bako struggled for a long time to be better than his role model but he just had a belief that one day it will happen.

On the season finale ahead of the Summer Series, again the contests between Bako and Thixton were always going to be the headline grabbers.

Thixton won the first race with the 16-year-old Bako a distant second.

The penultimate race saw Bako reducing the game between him and the 25-year-old, Thixton but his efforts were not enough.

With the stage set for the final event of the day, the crowd gathered and everyone was in anticipation, the riders did not disappoint.

Uncharacteristically, the two riders were slower off the blocks and for the first lap they had to play a chasing game with another opponent in front but it was just a matter of time before the Bako passed him and soon Thixton followed.

Everyone anticipated what would happen as Thixton went past Bako with two laps to go but a sudden turn of events is something not expected as the teenager stole the show on the final lap to settle for a comfortable victory in the end.

“I am running out of words to describe this, I looked up to him and just wanted to be like him for a long time and to finally achieve this, it means a lot and I am very grateful for the support of everyone,” said Bako.

The stage is set for the Summer Series set for December as the battle to be the best rider continues.

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