Zim joins the world to mark Customer Service Week

By Wellington Makonese

AS the nation joins the rest of the world in recognising the importance of customer service this week, attention has been drawn to the need to attract consumers through good customer care.

Statistics in the retail sector reveal that 75% of customer retention comes through excellent customer service which is the hallmark of successful businesses.

As Customer Service Week takes centre stage, it is an opportunity for consumers to share their experiences and air their concerns.

“Customer service is a very important aspect, once I’m treated right, I do come back, at one point I wanted to buy electrical appliances, but with less knowledge, the salespeople did come to my rescue,” said a customer.

“The situation is complex when buying in a shop on the other side of Samora we get different treatment so it depends on where you are, but all the same customer service determines whether I go back or not,” added another.

Acting Executive Director of Consumer Council of Zimbabwe Rosemary Mpofu, gave an insight into the relationship between salespersons and customers.

“As we commemorate this week, it is critical for both ends to know that transactions do not start from exchanging money but communication so that we all get fair value,” she said.

Customer service has evolved from the early days of only face-to-face communication to rotary phones and call centres, with consumers now having contact support via live chats, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

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