Demand for storage space spurs industrial warehouse projects

By Owen Mandovha

THE positive developments in the manufacturing sector have sparked a wave of new retail and industrial warehouse projects in Harare to cater for the growing demand for storage space.

The country is witnessing an unprecedented boom in the construction sector, with projects such as roads, bridges and dams at various stages of completion.

In the real estate sector, besides countless housing projects being spearheaded by the public and private sector, it is the pre-eminence of industrial and retail warehouses especially in the capital, Harare that has become quite noticeable as demand for storage facilities continues to soar.

A firm operating in the tobacco industry is currently building five warehouses, amid acute shortages of storage space.

“We are building these warehouses to complement our auction business, but at the same time the demand for storage space as surged over the last couple of years hence our decision to invest in the warehouses,” said an Industrialist, Mr Sam Garabga.

The Pomona area in Harare is also home to sprawling new industrial complexes including one by a local prominent car dealer, in yet another manifestation of growing industrial capacity.

Another property developer has undertaken a host of developments of warehouses in the southern parts of Harare, seizing the opportunities presented by the growing demand for industrial space.

“Our company has undertaken many projects of warehouses and this is within our business scope of seizing on the opportunities coming from the rising demand for storage space,” said Ms Tendai Madondo, Marketing Executive – Exodus and Company.

These developments are in tandem with the performance of the cement industry, which has recorded a 1,4 million tonnes growth in volumes from 1 million tonnes in 2017.

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