Chiwandire’s title defence in doubt

By Lawrence Trusida, Sports Editor

WORLD Boxing Council (WBC) Interim Super bantamweight title holder Kudakwashe Chiwandire’s title defence is in doubt in the wake of reports that the promoters of the fight are facing logistical challenges.

The boxer, who brought the nation to a standstill after winning the WBC belt, might just lose her title without even trading a punch.

Chiwandire is billed to trade leather with Mexican Zelina Munoz at the Harare International Conference Centre on Saturday.

However, that clash hangs in the balance as promoters, Delta Force Boxing Academy, are yet to secure tickets for Munoz and her entourage.

WBC rules state that the promoter provides transport and accommodation for the boxers.

What further casts the fight in doubt is that it takes at least 48 hours to travel from Mexico to Harare and there is 48 hours mandatory rest for the boxer after travelling.

With the time remaining, it looks likely that the fight will not happen this week, which would be bad news for Chiwandire after the bout was postponed from the original date in August.

WBC rules state that, “A champion who does not defend his or her title within the period set forth herein shall forfeit his or her title, unless the WBC in its sole discretion otherwise permits.”

Chiwandire was supposed to defend her title against a mandatory challenger within six months of her victory, but she has gone for eight months without taking to the ring.

Despite all this, Chiwandire is still confident and ready to fight for the Zimbabwean dream.

“When I fight, I will be fighting not for myself, but for everyone. This belt is for Zimbabwe and has lots of benefits to the country and we should do all we can to guard it jealously because the opportunity might not come back to us again that’s why I have been working hard to make sure I win and I promise we won’t get to 10 rounds,” she said.

While Chiwandire is used to making decisions in the ring, if the mandatory defence does not happen this week, it will not be her decision to make; it will be up to the World Boxing Council.

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