Zim Open for Business: President Mnangagwa leads from the front

By Oleen Ndori, International News Editor

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says despite the illegal sanctions imposed by the West, the country continues to push forward and spur development.

For the past two decades Zimbabwe has been reeling under coercive unilateral sanctions from the USA and her allies.

Since inception, the second republic has been looking at ways of successfully spurring economic growth through sanction busting mechanisms such as the transitional stabilisation programme and the national development strategy one.

Meeting with investors in New York this Saturday, President Mnangagwa emphasized investment in Zimbabwe particularly the agricultural sector that remains as the economy’s mainstay.

“We have vast lands in the South of Zimbabwe, Chiredzi in the South, Kanyemba in the North East and some places in the West. If you come to Zimbabwe and you are serious, either to grow or to join the agro-processing chain, we give you facilitation to do so,” he said.

“And if we realise you want to use modern methods, you want to bring technology, we give you the land for free,” he added.

He also spoke on the vast opportunities that exist in the mining sector as Zimbabwe seeks a 12 billion united states dollar mining industry.

“In the mining sector, we don’t ask as to what minerals do we have. We have a problem in listing because there are many. Despite the fact that Zimbabwe is endowed with a vast number of minerals, we don’t have the skills, the technology nor the funding to exploit those minerals. Today, whoever blinks, loses. If you come in you are allowed to invest in the country, either on your own or you want to partner the locals… There are no conditions at all,” he explained.

President Mnangagwa reiterated the second republic’s engagement and re-engagement agenda in line with the ..friend to all and enemy to none.. mantra.

In 2019 Zimbabwe launched the National Investment Policy aimed at facilitating trade and investment to greater heights and the country has since received a number of investment inquiries targeting Zimbabwe’s productive sectors, including mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.

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