Mat North Companies pledge to support Vision 2030

By Tichaona Kurewa

Companies and organisations operating in Matabeleland North province have pledged to continue working with the government for the attainment of Vision 2030.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 2022 Zimbabwe Responsible Business Awards for Matabeleland North province in Victoria Falls this Friday, companies in the mining and tourism sectors assured government of their continued support through the sustainable harnessing of natural resources in the province.

“We are ready to continue supporting the government through bringing development to Matabeleland North and Hwange district in particular,” said Constance Reid, Zambezi Gas and Coal Mine representative.

Wild Horizons representative, Leandrah Muza said, “We will continue to engage communities, installing more biogas digesters to reduce the rate of global warming and to drill more boreholes.”

“We are very thankful to the government for allowing us to invest in the Hwange community as an organisation we are delighted in helping in the achievements of national goals. Currently, we are building a library for the Hwange community in partnership with the local board,” noted Charles Muchabaiwa, South Mining representative.

Organisers of the awards highlighted the importance of the private sector in the country’s economic development.

Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe Executive Director Willard Razawo said, “These awards are very important because the private sector plays a critical role in economic development. That’s why we are having the provincial awards appreciating the companies from the province which are contributing positively towards Vision 2030.”

Matabeleland North Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honourable Richard Moyo said government is prioritising sustainable development as a response mechanism to contemporary challenges as government urges public private partnerships in pushing the development agenda.

“Indeed, one actor cannot achieve the 2030 Agenda alone. As companies, you are well-positioned to make the business case for sustainability and to generate internal buy-in from your companies. Your critical role in making this happen cannot be over-emphasised. Ultimately, if a significant economic or social group is left behind, our development is not sustainable. Only through working in partnership will we be able to deliver a more ambitious response to 21st century challenges.”

Companies and organisations that excelled in categories such as Top Zimbabwe Responsible Public Sector Organization Award, Top Provincial Responsible Local Council Award and Environment Stewardship Award were honored at the event.

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