Feruka Pipeline upgrade underway

By John Nhandara

THE country is expected to derive maximum benefits from the ongoing expansion project of the Feruka Pipeline, including the availability of fuel at competitive prices.

Zimbabwe is looking forward to receiving three billion litres of fuel per annum through the Feruka Pipeline starting next month as a result of the ongoing upgrade being implemented by Zimbabwe’s PetroZim Line Limited and Companhia do Pipeline Mocambique.

The expansion project is expected to ensure the availability of fuel at competitive prices, while also reducing the volumes of fuel tanker traffic.

“The first phase of the upgrade will be concluded by June 2023. We have already ordered the required equipment. On the other side, we expect to start receiving into the country three billion litres of fuel by October this year, which will then allow for more volumes to come into the country. Our Feruka depot is geared to handle the volumes,” said Peter Masvikeni, PetroZim Line executive director.

The development is further expected to ensure Harare becomes a regional hub for fuel distribution into countries such as Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other surrounding markets.

“We have embarked on transforming Harare into a regional hub for the distribution of fuel and to this end, we have dedicated Mabvuku depot to become a hub for the collection of fuel into DRC and Zambia. There is the issue of the Feruka pipeline; the capacity upgrade underway is pinned on the need to increase capacity from 2 billion to 3 billion per annum,” said Masvikeni.

Twenty million United States dollars was invested into the phased implementation of the Feruka Pipeline capacity upgrade, with a target to process five billion litres of fuel by 2023.

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