Assessment of Zimbabwe’s manufacturing companies production trends begins

By Stanley James

ZIMBABWE is assessing production performance for the manufacturing sector with industry expected to sustain the current growth trajectory.

Companies in the manufacturing sector have in the past three years shown resilience as evidenced by recovery in output leading to availability of locally-produced goods.

Despite some challenges, the firms are also forging ahead with growth and retooling processes with import substitution systems being implemented.

Giving an update on the 2022 manufacturing sector survey this Thursday, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries President Mr Kumbirai Matsheza said the manufacturing industry can still sustain the current growth trajectory.

 “ It has not been that all exciting  as the industry has through the journey faced several production constraints but it is the ability to withstand such challenges that is giving confidence on the growth trajectory and how it can be sustained for the future,” he said.

 Industrialist Dr Abel Mubango says the assessment of manufacturing companies is important in helping government identify challenges and formulate possible solutions.

“ For many years what we have discovered is that such a survey enables fiscal and monetary authorities to look into perspective on what can be done to revive industry as well as strategies to mitigate against local and external shocks,” he said.

Large and small scale firms across the country in the fields of beverages, confectionary, cooking oil, car assembling, food processing, agro units, trade, transport and ICT, among others will be assessed in the survey.

Overall results of the assessments will be presented to authorities early next year.

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