ZimTrade in second outward trade mission to Malawi

ZimTrade in second outward trade mission to Malawi

By Owen Mandovha

ZIMBABWE’s trade promotion body, ZimTrade’s export promotion drive is gaining traction after spearheading a second outward trade mission to Malawi.

A quick glance at trade statistics between Zimbabwe and Malawi over the past five years makes some interesting reading, with a trade deficit which was in favour of Malawi constantly shrinking from as high as US$24 million in 2016 to around US$4 million in 2021.

This is a feat that underscores ZimTrade’s success in pushing exports into the neighbouring country.

The trade promotion body is once again in Malawi, but this time in the commercial hub of Blantyre, accompanied by at least 15 exporting companies for an outward trade mission to further explore marketing opportunities in that country.

“We have selected companies drawn from various sectors of the manufacturing industry including agro processing, electrical supplies, agricultural equipment supply and the like and this seeks to entrench their position in Malawi as the country has proven to be a good destination for exports from Zimbabwe,” said Alex Mutandi, ZimTrade export promotions officer.

Local companies seeking to spread their wings to Malawi are optimistic of clinching export deals, while others are looking forward to setting up manufacturing plants.

“We already supply agricultural equipment to some estates here in Malawi and we are using this outward seller mission so as to further grow our exports,” said an exhibitor who spoke to ZBC News.

“Our products have proven to be popular in this country, so we are deciding to establish a manufacturing plant so as to increase our profits and also create jobs,” another said.

A representative of Windmill said, “As Windmill, our focus is on breaking the ice so as to start exporting into this country hence this outward seller mission was very instrumental for us.”

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Malawi, Dr Nancy Saungweme underlined how the political and economic ties between the two countries are bearing fruit.

“The trade deficit has been shrinking which simply manifests the successes of our efforts by Government to increase exports and besides the good relations between our two countries should be leveraged on to increase the amount of trade between the two sisterly republics,” said Dr Saungweme.

ZimTrade continues to score big in facilitating trade missions for local exporting companies on the African continent and was recently recognised by the International Trade Centre for its sterling work in driving Zimbabwe’s exports.

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