Tertiary institutions sports body contemplates new model of running sport

By Mthokozisi Dube

The leadership of the umbrella tertiary institutions sports body is considering introducing a new model of running sport to harness revenue streams for the development of college sport.

For a long time, tertiary institution sport has been sustained by affiliation fees from member associations.

Late payment of affiliation fees nearly threw in jeopardy Zimbabwe’s plans to participate at the just-ended Confederation of University and Colleges Sporting Associations (CUCSA) extravaganza in Malawi.

In all that, the association‘s leadership says it learnt some valuable lessons on the need to widen revenue streams, hence a new model is on the cards.

Zimbabwe Tertiary Sports Union President Edward Chekure said, “We had a fruitful and challenging exposure at the just-ended CUCSA, hence as the executive are saying we want to leave a legacy by introducing some anew funding model. We are planning to have all our affiliates merchandise our sport regalia as we aim to raise funds not only to wait for the normal affiliation.

“We will also be approaching the corporate world for specific assistance on different sport codes. We discovered that it can be done like for our last participation, the chess team had court a sponsor, if we do the same for netball that will lesson our financial situation,” he said.

The association is also calling for scouts to attend their events where there is abundance of untapped talent.

Zimbabwe is also set to adopt qualification times for their athletes to offer podium performances, a move that has since been embraced by power houses South Africa who have mastered the art of trimming their contingent.

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