Proposed ban on gasoline cars charms Zim’s lithium mining

By Stanley James

THE United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is expected to deliberate on the proposed ban of gasoline car sales, a move experts say will benefit Zimbabwe’s lithium value chains

 California, in the United States of America has announced a plan that will result in new petrol and diesel cars banned by 2035.

The state is therefore moving towards electric cars.

In light of the impact of climate change, the ban of gasoline car sales is being considered a necessity.

With Zimbabwe boasting of vast lithium resources that are used in the manufacturing of electric car batteries, expectations are high that the lithium sector value chain will benefit from the ban.

Experts say Zimbabawe should therefore take a leading role during discussions of the proposed gasoline car sales ban at the United Nations General Assembly next month.

“Focus should therefore be on how and what can be done to sustain such a trend taking into account the vast lithium reserves and deposits within the country. In fact, given the vast projects in lithium, Zimbabwe indeed stands to benefit so this is really a good opportunity,” said University of Zimbabwe Business School Chairman, Dr Nyasha Kaseke.

 “It is within such a framework that modalities to enhance the lithium value chains  can be achieved, but first and foremost Zimbabwe should have a leading role in the discussions at the general conference,” noted Economic Commentator, Mr Edward Chimedza,

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to carry the lithium message to the United Nations General Assembly as a way of luring potential investment in the sector under the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra.

Several lithium investments or projects are being established in Zimbabwe due to increased demand for the commodity.

Research by a global mining institute shows that Zimbabwe holds huge lithium deposits and has the capacity to become Africa’s green energy development and manufacturing hub.

Actually Zimbabwe’s lithium miners are bulking up for a good future when electric cars go mainstream.

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