Zim Journos, ZBC FC match ends 3 – 1

By Memory Chamisa

Away from chasing a story, interviews, meeting deadlines, this Saturday witnessed journalists from different media houses coming together for a social football game.

Commonly known as Ma-Boozers, the match pitted ZBC FC and Zim Journos FC.

It was a game of who is still in shape and coaches from both teams were optimistic for a win.

Zim Journos FC coach, Simiso Mlevu said, “We need to have more of these social matches as they bring us together as colleagues from different media houses to unwind from the demanding job of chasing stories and scoops. It’s a good environment to get to know each other better and also come up with ways of enhancing our skills.”

“Our players are in great form despite not having trained. Hopefully we will have more of these matches where we meet our colleagues and just unwind all of the work pressure of the week,” noted Benjamin Munzira, ZBC FC coach.

Guest referee, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr. Nick Mangwana applauded such social matches.

“This is commendable and shows the maturity of our journalists. They work for different media houses in private and public, but Ma-Boozers has brought them together. This also comes while there are talks for the National Employment Council for Zimbabwe journalists that will see to the welfare of our scribes,” he said.

The match ended three one in favour of Zim Journos.

Meanwhile, the Ma-Boozers continued, with a match between Bindura legends and Pan Jap FC.

The legends team consisted of yester-year players like Masimba Dinyero, Mugadza, Dumisani Sibanda, Ashley Rambanapasi who showed despite retirement they still had a touch or two.

“Well, despite retirement, the passion for the game never ends, hence these weekend matches keep us in touch with the game,” noted Dinyero.

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