Mining dominates Zim forex

By Stanley James, Business Editor

With global investors giving a vote of confidence to Zimbabwe’s resource extraction sector, the implementation of fresh projects has already set the tone to achieve the envisaged US$12 billion mining industry by next year.         

However, Government says several approved projects will see set targets being attained.                                

Honourable Polite Kambamura, the Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development said, “We are not in a panic mode because the roadmap to growth is there for all to see as evidenced by the rise in both local and foreign investor confidence.”

The outlook is pointing to good times for the mining industry.                            

“Several projects have been approved in the lithium sector the gold industry as well as the platinum sector. Most of the projects are already bearing the desired results,” he said.

The mining industry is therefore expected to contribute immensely to overall economic growth.                               

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