Ethanol giant on an expansion drive

By ZBC Reporter

Chisumbanje-based ethanol producer, Green Fuel is on an expansion drive that will see the company increasing ethanol production and investing in power generation, with a target to produce 18 megawatts.

Green Fuel is also constructing 6,5 million litre storage reservoir to increase ethanol storage capacity.

Efforts are also being made to increase the plant’s electricity generation capacity to 18 megawatts and channel five megawatts to the national grid.

A visit to Chisumbanje ethanol plant by the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Honourable Soda Zhemu this Thursday saw the company’s executive appreciating government support and disclosing their expansion targets.

“We are happy that the Honourable Minister visited us and we are appreciative of the support we getting from the government. We are on an expansion drive and we have enough stocks of ethanol,” Green Fuel general manager Conrad Rautenbach said.

Minister Zhemu spoke on the need for more investments in the energy sector, including alternative energy.

“Greenfuel has the capacity to produce 18 megawatts of energy and discussions are underway, with ZETDC to have five mega-watts to the national grid once the power generation capacity is upgraded,” he said.

The ethanol project has transformed parts of Chisumbanje into a green belt with the project being the biggest employer in the rural community.

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