New ZNCC president pledges improved industrial output in line with NDS1

By Davison Vandira

The new Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) leadership has underscored the importance of championing industrial productivity in line with national economic development objectives.

The need to safeguard and strengthen economic gains achieved in the past two years, close the industrial technological gap, compete with regional and international peers is the motivating factor for new Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president, Mr Mike Kamungeremu.

Local industry is specifically looking for an appropriate mix in the deployment of capital, labour and technology to increase productivity which has been given a head-start by the ongoing retooling exercise occasioned by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe forex auction system in line with the National Development Strategy One.

“As the new broom at the helm of ZNCC, I am looking at serving my country well through strengthening our productive capabilities throughout all the sectors of the economy, by seriously deploying technology into our business activities to match our peers within the region and beyond,” Mr Kamungeremu said.

The continued resurgence of the country’s industrial base is a strong foundation in the implementation of national strategies; hence industry is looking at complementing government efforts in steering the economic ship towards vision 2030.

Kamungeremu added, “I will spearhead the shift of our strategic focus to attain a symbiotic relationship between industry and government as well as other stakeholders for the benefit of our country.”

The Second Republic’s economic war cry has been crafted around engagement and the country’s industry is looking to exploit this dividend to propel the country forward.

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