Bosso begging bowl shocks club members

By Mthokozisi Dube

LACK of professionalism and poor administration has become a cancer in local football amid revelations that Bulawayo giants Highlanders have extended a begging bowl to raise funds to purchase a laptop for their chi4ef Executive Officer despite their massive financial backing.

Highlanders are one of the most financially sound clubs in the country as they sit on  sponsorship of more than US$One million availed by Sakunda Holdings.

The sponsorship also comes with funds to cover administrative costs and one wonders where the money is going to if they cannot afford a basic gadget as a laptop for their Chief Executive Officer.

Apart from that, Bosso also has an internet service provider as one of its sponsors while the club also owns a gold mine claim just outside Bulawayo.

The latest figures released by the Premier Soccer League also indicate that Bosso is racking in the highest revenue in terms of gate takings.

It is therefore no surprise that the decision to beg for the CEO’s laptop has shocked the club’s life members and supporters who have called for a forensic audit.  

“Highlanders is a big institution with sponsorship .currently. Honestly to go worldwide begging for the purchase of a laptop is unheard of,” said a Highlanders supporter.

With executive elections due in the two years’ time, a section of life members believe the leaked memo may be a sinister ploy to set the ball rolling for political grandstanding.

The club has defended its stance saying that leaked memo was intended for the diaspora community but what also remains a fact is that the move is as shocking as it is embarrassing for a big club like Highlanders.

This is the latest edition on the rot that is inherent in Zimbabwean football which has dished out drama after drama with no end in sight.

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