Rehabilitation of Harare-Kanyemba road in progress

By John Nhandara

INTER-CONNECTIVITY challenges between Harare and Kanyemba are set to be an issue of the past with government rehabilitating the 354 -kilometre road under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).

Government is not looking back in improving the country’s road infrastructure, with a project to rehabilitate the Harare – Kanyemba road now work in progress after a local company, Exodus was given a contract to work on the road.

Officials from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development led by Minister Felix Mhonha were in Mbire this Thursday to appreciate the scope of the project.

The contractor is already working on redesigning and total construction of a 10km road that links Mahuhwe and Mushumbi.

“We are currently working on total construction of this stretch to link it to Mushumbi. The whole scope of the project is now to rehabilitate Harare – Kanyemba and we are starting most of the works next week, where we will be bringing most of the equipment,” said Exodus Project Manager, Eng Fanuel Tivaone .

While the project will improve inter-connectivity between Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique, it is also set to improve the road network in Mashonaland Central Province where projects such as oil and gas exploration are underway in Muzarabani.

“This is an important project to our province because this is a farming zone and it improves connectivity in the transportation of produce. We also have projects such as Muzarabani oil and gas, hence the project is very significant to us as a province,” said Mashonaland Central Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Hon Monica Mavhunga

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Honourable Felix Mhona said the project is confirmation of the target to leave no place behind under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme.

“The Second Republic is reaching every corner. Like here in Mbire, works are already underway to construct this road,” he said.

The 145km stretch linking Mahuhwe and Kanyemba is a meandering earth road, and construction of the road will be the best alternative route to link Zimbabwe and Zambia compared to other routes like Chirundu.

Government’s road infrastructure development programme has also seen the rehabilitation and widening of the Harare – Masvingo – Beitbridge highway, with more than 300 kilometres having already been opened to traffic.

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