Visiting Mozambican delegation to sign MOU for INSTAK project

By Admire Huni

HEAD of the visiting Mozambican delegation, which is in Harare for a tour of the Liberation City, Josefina Mpelo, says the Museum of African Liberation will further strengthen African solidarity.

Speaking through an interpreter, the head of the visiting Mozambican delegation and Minister of Veteran Affairs, Mpelo emphasised her country’s support for the Museum of African Liberation project being constructed in Harare’s Warren Park Suburb, along Samora Machel Avenue.

“Our appreciation of the project is very positive. It is a project that will strengthen our historical ties. Historical ties of African people in the process of their liberation struggle against colonial rule.

“Which is an important chapter in the history of mankind. Mozambique has been allocated a very privileged space at the site where we are going to build our monument to show our artefacts of the liberation struggle.

“Our liberation history is strongly linked with the history of the Zimbabwean Liberation struggle. Our President, Filipe Nyusi fully appreciated this project which is why he has sent us here,” she said.

This weekend, the Institute of African Knowledge and the Mozambican delegation are set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on areas of cooperation for the establishment of the Museum of African Liberation.

“The Honourable minister Josefina Beato Mpelo is touring the museum and meeting with various stakeholders ahead of the big moment, which is the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Mozambican government and INSTAK (Institute of African Knowledge) in as far as collaboration on the Museum of African Liberation is concerned since the heads of state and government have been in contact,” said Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi.

Deliberations and consultations currently underway include the handing over of military and non-military artefacts from Mozambique to INSTAK as well as access to archival liberation material from that country.

Notable progress has been recorded at the liberation city with excavation works for the foundation of the superstructure now complete.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held recently for the construction of the Liberation mall, which comes as support infrastructure for the Museum of African Liberation.

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