Nakamba Football Tourney showcases youngsters’ talents

By Memory Chamisa

DRIBBLING, cheers and frustrations where the highlights of the first day of the Marvelous Nakamba Under-17 Invitational Tournament at White City Stadium in Bulawayo.

True to his word, Nakamba this Saturday launched the Inaugural Under-17 invitational Tournament.

The day’s first highlight was the arrival of the youngster Kedwa Mapako popularly known as Kakatowanda, a football fanatic at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport.

From there, it was White City Stadium where the youngsters mobbed their football star, Marvelous Nakamba as each jostled for attention.

For the young players this is an opportunity to be selected by scouters.

“This is a huge opportunity for me and I know scouters are here and by chance I know I will selected to play overseas,” said one player.

“I want to thank Marve for organising this tournament for us.We hope to play in the finals and travel to South Africa were scouters from Europe will be there,” added another.

And ofcourse, the coaches were not to be outshined as they belted orders on the touchline.

“These tournaments are good for youngsters as they prepare them for playing professional football, be it at club level or the national team and we commend Marvelous for the gesture,” said one Coach.

“Grassroot football is very important in ensuring we build football stars, it all comes down to such tournaments like this one here. Marvelous has done a great job in bringing it back to the community,” added another.

The first day saw youngsters showcasing their talents as they played their hearts out in realising their dream of becoming professional footballers, and of course the crowd was there cheering them on at White City Stadium.

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