Industrial sector urged to adopt responsive strategies to increase profitabilty

By ZBC Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged the industrial sector to adopt responsive strategies to increase production and profitability.

He was speaking during a tour of industries in Gweru this Thursday.

“I exhort industry to continuously adapt through innovative and responsive strategies for increased production, productivity and profitability within the sector. I also urge you to take advantage of the Innovation Hubs and Industrial Parks at our institutions of higher learning in order to develop innovative and competitively priced goods,” he said.

The President also spoke on employee welfare and the importance of social-corporate responsibility.

“As you ramp up production at your various organisations, I urge you to strike an intricate balance between the profitability of your operations and the welfare of your employees and surrounding communities.
Provision of decent housing for workers should also be considered and prioritised,” he added.

The President commended Bata Shoe Company for coming up with a Leather Developmemnt Strategy which speaks to the country’s economic needs.

“As you are aware, Bata Shoe Company is one of the largest shoe manufacturing entities with a long history in Zimbabwe. The implementation by the company of the Leather Development Strategy by value adding products in the sector is a testimony that Bata Shoe Company is maintaining a leading role in the sector. I thus, commend the company for investing US$5.9 million in plant and machinery, which demonstrates their confidence in the Zimbabwean economy,” said the President.

A Polyurethane Pouring Machine which was commissioned at the shoe company by President Mnangagwa, will propel the country’s target of producing 17 million pairs of shoes annually.

“The procurement of a Polyurethane Pouring Machine, which I have just commissioned today, should go a long way in the attainment of our national target of producing 17 million pairs of shoes annually. The Polyurethane Pouring Machine will be producing a new product line of safety shoes and is in line with the expanding economy and soaring demand. The leather materials for the shoes will be sourced locally and will strengthen Bata’s participation in the local leather value chain,” he added.

To the sole producer of yeast in the country, Lesaffre Zimbabwe Company, the main message from the President was centered on the company’s operational behaviour which identifies with the country’s growth trajectory.

“I commend the investment by Lesaffre and their partnership with local investors. The expansion of the Lesaffre plant is an indication of the confidence that French corporations have in the operating environment brought about by the Second Republic. Being the sole producer of yeast in Zimbabwe, they have continued to behave in a manner which identifies with the growth trajectory of the country. I, therefore, urge other corporate entities in similar circumstances to take a leaf from Lesaffre and operate in a responsible manner,” he said.

The President also toured Sino Zimbabwe Cement Plant.

The company is a joint venture between Chinese partners and the Government of Zimbabwe represented by Infrastructural Development Corporation of Zimbabwe(IDCZ) which has 35% shareholding.

Speaking on the operations of Sino Cement, the President gave reference to the country’s construction sector, which has seen huge investments over the past years.

“Your investments in not only cement manufacturing, but also in a brick manufacturing company which produces
high quality face bricks and tensile bricks, is commendable. Such product diversification in business, as we witnessed in the production plant at Sino Cement, is benefitting from the boom in the construction industry, which has seen huge investments in roads and housing, among others,” he noted.

After touringthe industries, the President also took time to meet Gweru residents at Bata Stadium.

The ZANU PF President and First Secretary implored the people of Gweru to get their act together and vote wisely in the 2023 Harmonised Elections.

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