Dream come true for Nakamba fan, Tinashe Mutopoli

By Memory Chamisa

A 16-year-old Budiriro High 2 Secondary School student’s dream came true this Thursday after his football inspiration, Aston Villa and Warriors midfielder, Marvelous Nakamba paid him a surprise visit.

Having your role model walk in your class looking for you is not only breath taking but also something that will remain stuck in your mind and that of your peers for many years to come.

Never in his wildest dreams ever did 16-year-old football enthusiastic and left leg amputee, Tinashe Mutopoli ever think he would meet football star, Marvelous Nakamba.

The emotion on Tinashe’s face is one that drops a tear or two and the memory shall forever be inked in his heart.

“I am speechless. I never thought Nakamba would come all the way to Budiriro, worse still to see me. I always prayed for that one chance that would change my life and this is the chance that has changed my life. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given by Nakamba and the foundation that has taken me under the wing. As disabled people, we often are looked down upon and never get equal opportunities like able-bodied people, but today grace located me and I’m grateful and will use this opportunity to the best of my abilities,” said Tinashe.

For Nakamba, this is a promise that has been fulfilled and his plea is for youths to stay away from drug and substance abuse.

“As long as you work hard and stay away from drugs you will make it in life. I am here to assist you wherever I can, through the foundation and other partners,” said Nakamba.

For Tinashe’s parents, gratitude sums it up.

“I am grateful to Nakamba for coming to our house and paying fees for our son, it’s grace. Raising a disabled son is not easy and Nakamba just coming in to do that and also nurture his talent is heart touching,” said his mother.

“I never thought this would happen to my son. He has always loved football and is a talented player despite his disability that has never stopped him from playing. Nakamba thank you way so much for sponsoring my son and coming to my home,” said his father.

This is every ghetto youth’s dream of meeting their role model and for Tinashe, the only chance he was waiting for has changed the course of his life.

Nakamba, who saw Tinashe’s clip on ZBC TV last year, has now taken the teenager under his stewardship with a bursary scholarship until he finishes his studies.

The cherry on top is that the teenager will take part in the Marvelous Nakamba football tournament set for Bulawayo next week.

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