Consumers urged to report unfair trade practices

By Regis Mhako

A drive to protect telecommunication services consumers from unfair trade practices  by service providers is underway, with three authorities partnering in a nationwide campaign.

Telecommunication service providers have often had a brush with customers over perceived unfair practices ranging from high rates and loss of unused data and airtime .

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, (POTRAZ), the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, (CCZ), have therefore undertaken a drive to educate telecommunication services consumers on their rights.

As the regulatory authority, we are here to provide guidelines on the operations of service providers and to protect the interests of consumers. You have the right to report to us any unfair practice by service providers,” said Mr Phibeon Chaibva, Consumer Affairs Manager POTRAZ.

CCZ Representative Mr Chris Makoni spoke on the law protects consumers from unfair practices.

We now have the new Consumer Protection Act which spells out your rights. We no longer allow practices where companies put some disclaimer that do not favor the consumers,” he noted.

As RBZ, it is our role to ensure we plug out financial malfeasance by companies that profiteer at the expense of unsuspecting consumers,” said RBZ Representative Mrs Getrude Kabaira.

The campaign has taken the mobile team to Mhondoro, Zvimba, Magunje and Chirundu, both in Hurungwe District.

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