Japan eyes further increase in trade with Zimbabwe

By Stanley James, Business Editor

JAPAN is targeting to further enhance business and trade ties with Zimbabwe as part of a drive to strengthen bilateral cooperation with African nations.

A diplomat business networking club meeting held in Harare this Friday on Japan-Africa relations saw participants reviewing current cooperation trends between the Asian economy and Zimbabwe.

For the Japanese, it is all about further increasing cooperation.

“The opportunities are there for all to see so it is how the two countries can review the existing ties and formulate strategies to move forward through identifying new opportunities,” said His Excellency Satoshi Tanaka, the Japanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Trade between Zimbabwe and Japan has also been described as an important element of socio-economic development.

“Diplomatic trade and economic ties between Zimbabwe and Japan are also critical, taking into account benefits to be derived from current trends and opportunities,” said Vova Chikanda, Chairperson of Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy.

Diplomat Business Club Chairperson, Arvind Nayer outlined business and trade opportunities that need to be explored by Zimbabwe and Japan.

“The tourism sector is a key area, while the vehicle assembly plants have a lot to offer with the manufacturing industry being key and notwithstanding the benefits arising from agriculture, mining, retail and distribution,” said Nayer.

Asia is considered another hub for African trade with Zimbabwe forging ahead with policies to increase cooperation with economies such as China, India and Japan, among others.

Zimbabwe will also participate at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in Tunisia in August this year.

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