Free duty on basic goods bears fruit

By Tendai Munengwa

THE suspension of import duty on basic commodities has kept the bulk of Zimbabweans going, with most of the goods now available at affordable prices.

The availability of basic goods placed under the duty-free facility has been a source of relief for many with businesses and individuals importing basic commodities such as cooking oil, milk and surf from South Africa and selling them at affordable prices.

Shops visited by the ZBC News have been flooded with basic commodities including South African brands while prices having marginally gone down.

Cooking oil, whose price had shot up to US$7 before government’s intervention, is now pegged at between US$4 and US$5.

However, the public has expressed concern over some retailers who have benefited from the free duty policy but continue to charge exorbitant prices.

Government suspended import duty on some basic goods to ensure availability of the products at affordable prices.

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