Networking key in business growth

By Peter Chivhima

Female entrepreneurs converged in Harare to encourage each other in coming up with ways of expand their business ventures for the growth of the national economy.

The president of MegaFest Women Forum, Ms Juliet Ziswa implored women entrepreneurs to network with each other and fight gender-based stereotypes.

“As women we have powers to venture into male dominated fields and we have what it takes to be on the apex. So, today I want to encourage women especially those in business to cultivate a sense of networking with each other for the growth of business. Through networking, we are able to share business ideas or challenges. So I want to say, ‘women, let’s network’.”

National Building Society (NBS) Marketing and Corporate Affairs Executive, Ms Mildret Kujinga and managing director of a local consultant company, Ms Precious Murena implored women to cast their network wider.

Said Ms Kujinga, “Let’s break the barrier we can do it as our male counterparts. Let’s check what is going around us and break the barrier. Let’s be a sister’s keeper. We have what it takes to be on high positions. Let’s network with each other.”

“Yes we understand that the world is male-dominated, but as women let’s rise and stand for ourselves. We dont have to wait for our husbands,” noted Ms Murena.

The female entrepreneurs from different sectors concurred on the importance of the forum in entrepreneurship.

“We are very grateful to be part of this event. We have leanrt a lot in terms of networking,” a benefifiary of the programme said.

Another commented, “Today I have managed to interact with various women who are into various fields of business, so its important to come up with such forums.”

Added another, “Today I have leant that networking is very important in my business and also as women, we need to work for ourselves rather than wait for our husbands.”

Government has opened up space for women in business to thrive with a number of policy measures to attract huge investment inflows in all sectors of the economy.

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