Investor to set up cable manufacturing plant

By John Nhandara

A team of investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is partnering ZESA Holdings in areas of power generation and transmission to bridge the gap in the countrys energy generation capacity.

The team, led by Dr Lapa Jakub Tadych, was in the country to identify investment opportunities in the energy sector with much interest in hydro power and gas projects to bridge the gap that the country has in electricity generation.

“We are discussing many opportunities and how we can mutually cooperate with ZESA. Many pillars of energy transformation. Our focus is to increase the capacity of power generation through hydro, photovoltaics and gas. We are also focusing on smart metering,” he said.

ZESA consultant, Engineer Cletus Nyachowe said the partnership with the UAE will improve the power transmission systems.

“We have massive load growth and as a growing economy and country we are load shedding. So, our partners will work with us in power generation. This is the first visit by the investors. We also need to improve on our transmission systems so here at ZENT we will establish a manufacturing plant of transmission cables,” noted Engineer Nyachowe.

Government has also availed fiscal incentives to promote investment in the energy sector.

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