Zimbabwean companies in DRC to grow export receipts

By Davison Vandira

THIRTY Zimbabwean companies are in the Democratic Republic of Congo on a mission to increase the visibility of local products on the export market.

National trade development and promotion organisation, Zimtrade’s Outward Seller Mission to the DRC is meant to consolidate the gains of a market that has already been established in Lubumbashi.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, His Excellency Johannes Tomana is confident the country will reap huge economic benefits from its competitive edge in the mineral rich country.

“There has been significant progress of Zimbabwean products’ penetration rate and we are seeking to build strong beneficial relationships with the Congoles,e where trade between the two brotherly nations is strengthened,” he said.

Zimbabwean companies are optimistic of sustainable export growth to the DRC market based on the market intelligence they have gathered so far while buyers are ecstatic about the quality of products.

“The main objective is to expand the country’s export base and creating seamless business synergies that will provide Zimbabwean companies with sustainable growth opportunities,” said one exhibitor.

“We are confident of the intelligence that we have gathered concerning products that can make a mark here and we only need to maintain consistency with those.”

Participating companies which established business linkages last year are optimistic of cementing these relationships for enhanced export growth and strengthening the country’s economic development resolve.

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