Zim rolls out consumer protection awareness policy

By Stanley James, Business Editor

Zimbabwe is rolling out consumer awareness campaigns across the country as part of efforts to protect the interests of buyers against unfair business practices.

The concerns of consumers are taking centre stage, with the strategy, among other factors, expected to result in regulatory authorities rolling out awareness programmes in all the country’s provinces.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Economic Research Officer, Mr Macdonald Mutengo stressed the importance of the strategy.

“First and foremost, we are guided by the principles of good ethics to the consumers. Gone are the days when consumers were being shortchanged. Business needs to change its attitude to the consumers to rake in the much-needed profits,” Mutengo said.

Consumer Protection Commission chairman, Dr Mthokozisi Nkosi added his voice saying it is high time the concerns of consumers are addressed.

“Measures are being put in place to guard against their ill-treatment by some sections of the business community and we are confident the awareness campaigns are an ideal tool to facilitate adherence to good consumer treatment standards,” Dr Nkosi noted.

The setting up of the Consumer Protection Commission is primarily aimed at protecting consumers through legislation aimed at creating transparency and accountability by the business community.

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