Tobacco rakes in over US$220 million so far

BY Peter Chivhima
THE tobacco marketing season has raked in more than 200 million United States dollars, with tobacco experts impressed with the quality of the golden leaf.
72 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf have so far gone under the hammer, raking in US$220 million since the beginning of the marketing season, with stakeholders satisfied with the quality of the crop.
Top quality tobacco is being sold at US$5,30 per kilogramme and farmers are excited about the prevailing prices.
“We are very happy with the price of tobacco and this gives us hope to go back to our fields,” said one farmer.
“We are calling for our contractors to set more points so that we won’t face challenges,” said another farmer.
Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board spokesperson, Mrs Chelesani Moyo Tsarwe and tobacco expert Mr Andrew Mupfawa are ecstatic over the quality of the golden leaf this season.
“The quality of the tobacco we have received this year is of good quality,” said Mrs Moyo.
“We are receiving good quality of tobacco this year as compared to last year. Also another positive development is that the price as increased by 19 percent,” said Mr Mupfawa.
The average global price of the golden leaf stands at US$2,97 per kilogramme.

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