Former Malawi President can’t get enough of Vic Falls

By Tichaona Kurewa

Former Malawi President, Dr Joyce Banda says Victoria Falls is a must visit tourist destination as the world wonder has a lot to offer for both the young and old.

Dr Banda, who is in the country for a ground-breaking ceremony of various community projects in Hwange, ca not get enough of the majestic Victoria Falls after a memorable experience at the rain forest on Sunday.

“For some of us who are this age, we had to memorise these names before we were given any certificate, either in Primary or Secondary school. In the end it’s a great honour that I had an opportunity to come hear several times in my 72 years but every time I come to Victoria Falls it’s not possible for me not come here, this is one of the wonders of the world and for me I am truly excited as an African that this wonder is on our continent. I just hope that the world will continue to marvel and come and see this God creation. This continent of ours is affected seriously by climate change, most rivers have dried up, if you come to see Victoria Falls, it seems as if somebody is coming and pouring water here, it’s seems not to be affected by climate change. For me it’s truly one of the world’s wonders. I hope all Africans would come here for pilgrimage because this, in the past before colonisation, I’m sure our ancestors used to come here for blessings, what we see here is out of the world, it’s unprecedented, it’s a marvel and one of the wonders of the world,” she said.

Dr Banda’s delegation was equally impressed by the world wonder.

“To have an opportunity to be here to see it with my eyes and experience the Victoria Falls by myself physically, is something that will live in me and some good news I will take back home in Malawi and not only in Malawi but elsewhere we go, it’s the best tourist attraction centre.”

“It is a pleasure that I am here at Victoria Falls and experiencing the wonders of the world. Victoria Falls it’s an art on its own and what I can say is, it must be named the pride of Africa. This place is something that no man, resource permitting should not allow in their lifetime not to come and have an experience,” said some of the people in her delegation.

Dr Banda served as Malawi President between 2012 and 2014 after the death of the then President Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika.

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