Govt fast-tracking enactment of investor friendly laws – VP Chiwenga

By Sifiso Sibanda

GOVERNMENT has assured the business community of its commitment to investor friendly policies as the country pushes ahead with its economic growth trajectory.

In an effort to improve the ease of doing business, government is fast-tracking the enactment of laws that promote investment, trade and foreign direct investment.

This was said by Vice President, General Retired Dr Costantino Chiwenga during the International Business Conference at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair- ZITF in Bulawayo this Wednesday.

“We as government are committed to working and supporting industry with laws that enhance growth and increasing production. So, let us work together in ensuring that we attain vision 2030 of an upper middle income economy,” said Vice President, Chiwenga.

He called on business to promote beneficiation which is part of the new national thrust in building the economy through the targeted cluster approach.

“The US$12 billion mining economy demands that we work as one as government and the private sector to ensure that all the mining tools are produced locally, where the manufacturing sector must play a big part,” he said.

ZITF company board chairperson, Mr Busisa Moyo spoke on the need for inclusive transformation of the economy.

“We are here to promote green shoots of our economy where capacity utilisation is now hovering around 60 percent with local products now dominating the markets, while at the same time dealing with the red flag issues of multiple exchange rates that are not helping the country at all,” said Mr Moyo.

A retired senior civil servant, Dr Silvia Utete Masango called for timely implementation of agreed resolutions.

“I think as government and industry we have to agree on timelines of implementation of agreed upon resolutions if we are to make a difference in such gatherings as these knowing that year in year out we say the same things but have no implementation strategy,” she said.

The international business conference is the highlight of the ZITF and is expected to be the game changer in trade and investment promotion in the country.

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