62nd edition of ZITF kicks off in Bulawayo

By Yolanda Moyo
ZIMBABWE’S biggest trade expo, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) roared into life in Bulawayo this Tuesday, with exhibitors optimistic of creating business linkages.
The month of April has been a busy month for the City of Bulawayo with independence celebrations being held in the city for the first time, drawing thousands of people. This morning, Zimbabwe’s prime trade showcase opened its doors to 428 exhibitors, running under the theme “Rethink, Re-Imagine, Re-invent Value Chains for Economic Development.
Foreign exhibitors who spoke to this news crew say Zimbabwe is a safe investment destination and the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is an important platform to create business linkages.
“We have come here to create business linkages with Zimbabwe and other countries that are here, and from what we have seen here, we are happy and Zimbabwe is a safe country,” said one foreign exhibitor.
“Coming from South Africa and exhibiting for the first time, l am definitely coming back next year, today is just day one but we have had discussions with big companies and hopeful of clinching deals by end of the show,” said a South African exhibitor.
“This year is much bigger than last year, we as Indonesia are always hear so that we create linkages every year we come here,” said an Indonesian exhibitor.
Local exhibitors say the upsurge in the number of exhibitors is a signal that industry is poised for massive growth.
“This year is much bigger than last year and we are hopeful that our business will come back from the ZITF much bigger,” said a local exhibitor.
“As a first time exhibitor l am already excited about this platform, day one but we are content with the business discussions. This is a platform to learn from other business to learn how they managed covid-19 and implement those methods to our business because covid-19 is here to stay,” said another.
National Trade Development and Promotion Organisation, ZimTrade Chief Executive Officer, Mr Allan Majuru weighed in saying the trade expo is the best platform for tapping into the vast export opportunities within the region and the world at large.
“With Covid-19 having affected most businesses, this is a platform for local producers to bring out their innovations and show case them to the country,” said Mr Majuru.
This year’s edition comes at a time when the country has stepped up efforts to achieve export-led economic growth taking advantage of the widening regional market under the African Continental Free Trade Area.
With or without Covid -19, the industry has come up with new ideas and innovations that has helped it to grow. This is evident by the exhibitions that are showcasing this year.

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