Women entrepreneurs hope to capitalise on ZITF

By Lisa Masuku

WOMEN entrepreneurs have been encouraged to seize export opportunities presented by the country’s biggest exposition, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), which kicks off this Tuesday.

To ensure female entrepreneurs in the craft and manufacturing sector network and learn from each other ahead of exhibiting at the country’s biggest trade expo, the Network of African Business Women hosted an open market day for women in Bulawayo this Monday.

Women entrepreneurs were encouraged to take advantage of the showcase to directly access both the formal and international markets.

“Most women are mainly in the informal sector. We don’t want them to continue selling their goods in the informal sector. We want them to formalise and also access the formal market. We want to promote the buy-Zim product. We want them to do more exports,” said Charity Mandishona, a board member of the Network of African Business Women.

Showcasing at the open market day symposium, women in business said the concept is a powerful weapon that will help them promote the growth of the economy and the attainment of the national vision.

“We are grateful to the organisers of this open day market showcase because it is going to help us secure the export market,” said one lady.

“We want to extend our gratitude to His Excellence for introducing policies that promote women and youths. The opportunity to have such a platform before the ZITF will help in securing business deals,” said another woman.

Empowerment of women remains a key priority for the second republic as shown by a number of women-centred policies and projects introduced by government such as the opening of the Women’s Microfinance Bank.

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