Local architectural fraternity key in the adoption of smart cities

By Owen Mandovha

Local architects have been urged to complement government in its quest to establish smart cities by designing modern eco-friendly structures to match the country’s upper middle income economy vision.

Smart cities are becoming prominent especially as the world gravitates towards total decarbonisation amid the ongoing global green energy revolution.

Zimbabwe is also firmly heading in that direction and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Tourism, and Hospitality Industry has encouraged local architects to design eco-friendly structures that are environmentally friendly.

The encouragement was made by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Climate Tourism, and Hospitality Industry, Mr Munesu Munodawafa, at the Zimbabwe Architectural Conference held in Harare this Friday.

“There is the Eastgate Mall in Harare which resembles how buildings should be designed because it regulates its own temperature through natural air conditioning and this is what we should do going forward because as Government we are accelerating the smart city policy,” he said.

National Housing and Social Amenities Minister Honourable Daniel Garwe noted that in pursuit of clearing the huge housing backlog, they are incorporating designs that conform to smart cities.

“Government is going to build houses to clear the housing backlog and we have made it a point that these should evolve around smart cities and we call upon you architectures to spearhead the smart city evolution,” said Garwe.

The conference was organised by the Institute of Architects Zimbabwe (IAZ) whose members demonstrated the latest architectural designs which showed that the country has enough capacity to adopt smart cities.

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