Commercial trucks stranded at Beitbridge Border Post

By Innocent Nxumalo
COMMERCIAL trucks are stranded at the Beitbridge Border Post after recent protests by South African border officials, resulting in long queues stretching for more than a kilometre at the port of entry this Friday.
Dozens of commercial freight operators are stuck at SADC’s busiest border post after alleged protests by border authorities on the South African side who are disgruntled over erratic water supply.
Truck drivers who had already been cleared by the Zimbabwean side but slept on the queue as they could not enter South Africa, described the traffic jam as a disappointing experience.
“We are frustrated and we don’t know what exactly is happening… I have been on the queue since yesterday,” said a truck driver.
“We are told that South African officials are protesting that they don’t have water. So they are not clearing commercial freight, they are only allowing empty trucks to pass,” said a clearing agent.
“We urge authorities to resolve this, such delays are not good for business,” said another truck driver.
Meanwhile, completion of the new freight terminal at the Beitbridge Border Post Modernisation Project has been a major milestone for commercial cargo as it significantly improved border efficiency on the Zimbabwean side.

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