ZUPCO commended for transforming transport system

By Peter Chivhima

COMMUTERS have applauded the Second Republic for having brought sanity to and transforming the country’s mass public transport system through massively capacitating the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company.

The Second Republic’s engagement and re-engagement drive is paying dividend, with the resuscitation of the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company being a major milestone which has already transformed the mass public transport system.

Students from tertiary institutions are now also assured of safe and reliable transport, praising government for revamping the public transport system.

“We are very excited as students at Tertiary institutions for the introduction of ZUPCO buses as this is now helping us in terms of reducing transportation costs. In the past we were charged exorbitant fares. Due to the introduction of ZUPCO buses, we can reach the campus on time so that we can prepare for our lectures,” said Wilbert Muzaruwetu, University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Law Student.

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Everisto Madangwa pledged continued improvement of services for the interests of the public.

“We are indebted to the strides made by the government under the stewardship of His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa for capacitating ZUPCO. So far we have more than 500 buses on our roads under ZUPCO and also a number of commuter omnibuses under the franchise. Yes, there are complaints in regards to our services but we want to assure the public that we will continue improving our services. Also we are anticipating that soon we will receive another new batch of buses,” he said.

So far government has procured more than 500 ZUPCO buses as the Second Republic continues to provide safe, reliable and affordable transport in both rural and urban areas.

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