Local horticulture firms to market Zim products in Germany

By Bruce Chahwanda

Political Editor

TWENTY-FIVE Zimbabwean firms are participating in this year’s horticultural fair in Germany with a view to expanding the country’s horticultural export market.

Known as the Fruit Logistica, the fair runs from April 5 to April 7 in Berlin, German comes after a marked increase in investments in the local horticultural sector.

According to ZimTrade figures, exports from the horticulture sector moved up by 6.8 percent in 2021 to US$63.6 million from US$59.5 million in 2020.

ZimTrade Director of Operations, Similo Nkala says 25 local companies will participate in this year’s event with a view to expanding the market share.

“We are facilitating 10 Zimbabwe companies which are in horticulture that is fruit and vegetables. We also have 15 companies taking part to make the number 25. Most of our exports in horticulture go to Europe, so you find out that with this particular exhibition, we focus on products where we are connected. We want to explore new markets,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s horticultural products are dominating the European and Asian markets and the Fruit Logistica is expected to further boost the country’s market share.

“We are the second-largest exporter to the EU market. We will be focusing on blueberries, we were at almost zero in 2015 and now we are among the best exporters in the world,” he said.

By 2021, major contributors to the exports in horticulture were macadamia which raked nearly US$13.8 million, citrus about US$11 million, leguminous vegetables over US$4 million and fresh flowers over US$3 million United States dollars.

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