Dairy production transforms Chipinge’s Maundwa community

By Tamuka Charakupa

The Maundwa community of Chipinge continues to dream big, after having diversified to dairy production and hoping to go commercial.

The community is best known for producing horticulture fruits, particularly bananas and pineapples, but now some community members have since shifted to dairy production in the wake of rising demand for milk countrywide.

A few years ago the community constructed a milk collection centre, although they are yet to fully enjoy the fruits of their labour as the centre is not yet functional.

“Currently we deliver 40 litres of milk only because we do not have transport. It’s a mountainous area,” says Adelide Toto Moyo, chairperson of the Goshen Collection Centre.

Fellow farmers have since appealed to government and partners for assistance with some even opting to purchase the heifer cattle on credit.

“I am now old and no longer strong enough to carry a bucket of milk by head. We want this project to be finished early so that we have transport,” a dairy farmer said.

Another noted: “”As youths we gladly welcome the dairy project. We want to fend for ourselves and also to build our community.”

If  fully supported, Chipinge Rural District Ward 9 councillor, Habit Magona says the project has potential to bring community development and empowerment.

“These community members have very determined and I see this project as one of the key drivers of development for this community,’ he noted.

Meanwhile, government is rolling out the Presidential Heifer Pass On scheme in rural communities with the key objective being to create empowerment opportunities especially in marginalised communities.

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