ZESA to prioritise provision of power for wheat production

By Davison Vandira

THE Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has announced that it will be prioritising the provision of electricity to the agricultural sector ahead of the 2022 winter cropping season.

The power utility, ZESA is looking to play its enabling role in the country’s agricultural ecosystem by supplying enough power for the forthcoming wheat cropping season for enhanced food security.

According to ZESA General Manager for Stakeholder Relations, Communications and Welfare, Dr George Manyaya, the company will strive to satisfy all its customers but priority will be given to the productive sectors of the economy.

“As a company, we must make sure that electricity is accessible by everyone, however, we are cognisant to the fact that for the economy to function well, we have to prioritise economic activities,” he said.

ZESA also gave an update on its efforts to recover ZWL15 billion owed to the company in unpaid bills through various strategies so that it can have a healthy balance sheet to continue efficiently providing power.

“The country will now be witnessing a sustained blitz targeted at recovering money owed to the power utility such that we can scale up service delivery using those resources,” he added.

The economic prosperity of Zimbabwe is hinged upon sustainable provision of energy, hence the government is working towards achieving a power self-sufficiency.

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