Local players to play abroad despite Fifa suspension

By Anashe Murombedzi

LOCALLY-based players will still have an opportunity to play for foreign clubs despite the country’s suspension from international football by FIFA.

Speculation has been rife on how FIFA’s wrath of suspending ZIFA is likely to block transfers to foreign clubs and close the door for local players.

However, it is good music in the ears of local players as they still have an opportunity to be signed by foreign clubs and benefit from their talent, despite the suspension.

This comes after it emerged that FIFA reserves the right to process the transfer of a player to a foreign club if the country of origin is suspended or does not have a football association.

This has seen two Zimbabwean players, Kelvin Ndebele and Tinashe Chinyani getting their clearance to join Tinyosi FC in Eswatini.

“The truth of the matter is players can easily be signed and the transfer certificates can be sent through without any problem and I can confirm on Tuesday two certificates were sent out to a team in Eswatini which means that the players as much as we know that the ban has a lot of effects but in terms of a player transfer there’s no effect and people should not get into a panicking mood, we need to continue working as much as we can and hope that we get a deal and transfer without any problem,” said Bheki Nyoni, Harare Junior football league chairman.

“As we speak this week some players from Zimbabwe were transferred to Eswatini probably they are not affected because they are looking at what is more important to them so Zimbabweans are still able to move from point A to B,” said Lloyd Chigove, junior football coach.

According to FIFA, the suspension was imposed on officials and thus players can still successfully search for greener pastures.

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