Beitbridge modern terminal commended for improving efficiency

By Innocent Nxumalo

Bulk transporters have welcomed the new modern freight terminal at Beitbridge Border Post which is now providing seamless clearance service for commercial cargo.

For truck drivers, the speedy flow of commercial traffic at the border necessitated by the new freight terminal consolidates Beitbridge as a preferred inland port.

Unlike in the past where haulage trucks would queue at the border for more than five days, truck drivers say the new terminal dedicated for bulk transporters has improved efficiency.

“We are so much excited about this new facility; it is so seamless and quick. We no longer wait for a week but within two or three hours you will be done and crossing,” a truck driver testified.

“We say good job to Zimbabwean government. This terminal is dedicated to us and it has order. We don’t have to push and shove other categories of travelers,” another said.

Assistant Regional Migration Officer Trustworth Manatsire is convinced modernisation of the border is a key motivating factor for workers to offer hospitable and quality services.

“With the new terminal open for use by commercial vehicles, the border is less congested and those who work in the new spaces are refreshed and energized to give their best at work.”

The US$300 million Beitbridge Border Post Modernisation Project will match world class standards and pave way for a One Stop-Border between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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