Women eye establishment of innovation hubs as more are trained in business ventures

By Wellington Makonese

The establishment of incubation hubs is high on agenda of the ZANU PF Women’s League empowerment programmes as the ruling party champions capacity building of the citizenry.

The women’s wing took its empowerment programme to Kambuzuma in Harare, where the establishment of incubation hubs as a tool to empower youths and fight drug abuse was topical.

“The vision set by our President on Education 5.0 at tertiary level is to be cascaded downwards but with the programs that we have been initiating we would love to have incubation hubs,” ZANU PF Women’s League Secretary for Commissariat, Cde Maybe Mbowa said.

“In trying to address the challenges to do with drugs and early marriages, these self- help programs are critical which can be backed by establishment of innovation hubs,” Cde Ratidzo Mukarati, the ZANU PF Women’s League Harare chairperson said.

ZANU PF Women’s League Secretary for Information, Cde Thambudzani Mohadi said: “During COVID-19, there was a lot of GBV and we were not happy. So, as they do their project so by 2030 everyone must be self-sufficient and others will be ambassadors.”

The party’s candidate for the Kambuzuma constituency in the 26 March by-elections, Cde Oscar Nyamunokora, acknowledge the key role being played by the women’s league in development programmes.

“It is the party’s aim that everyone finds something to do and ending issues of substance abuse. We have had water challenges in Kambuzuma and Westwood, hence, we have this piping scheme to help them.”

The women’s league is on a capacity-building initiative that has seen women being trained in manufacturing products such as detergents, which feeds into government vision of a productivity driven economy.

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